Awesome newsletter Brian, happy to have met you last weekend, and thank you for everything

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Great and inspiring newsletter, but you and yours deserve a standing ovation for the job you and the STC crew did last week.

For those who might not know, from Wednesday through Friday, Mary SanGiovanni, Sir Keene here, and a few other writing legends guided four groups of writers through the first Scares That Care Writing Workshop (formerly Borderlands Bootcamp), packing the schedule from early morning to late evening with quality classes on multiple topics related to the art of writing short stories (horror, mostly) and the business of getting published. Everyone learned a lot in a supportive, respectful environment.

Sir Keene popped in and out of this program because he was simultaneously working with the AuthorCon II crew to set that up, as it began TWO HOURS AFTER the workshop finished, and ran all weekend.

So many of them were working nonstop from Wednesday through Sunday, folks. That’s baddass.

And Sir Keene and crew worked that con. They were taking care of everything, everywhere, all at once. They even took on the Herculean task of relocating many authors closer to the center of the show in time for opening on Saturday.

It was truly an impressive and incredibly enjoyable show.

Take a bow, Sir.

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Apr 9, 2023Liked by Brian Keene

Good morning!

I’ve followed Keith Giffen on his Instagram spot. Thank you for all you do.


Mike Cook

Richland, WA

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Snowfall?!1. I love that show. I already miss Jerome

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